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Who’s Pushing the Panic Button?

josh-hamilton-ap2Every single Major League team now has 30 games under their belts, which gives us enough data to start surveying the MLB landscape looking for surprises and disappointments. Fans in Boston, Kansas City, and Denver have to be thrilled with their respective teams hot starts.

However, for fans in other cities things haven’t been as bright. The Toronto Blue Jays were handed the AL East by most pundits before the season even began and they’ve fallen flat on their face out of the gate, carrying a 10-21 record that only the Houston Astros and Miami Marlins are envious of. Things are also starting to get dicey in Anaheim, where the Angels have once again stumbled in the early weeks of the season. Their supposedly vaunted offense has yet to earn its pay, thanks to its middle of the pack ranking in the AL in runs scored, and L.A.’s pitching staff minus Jered Weaver has been a disaster.

They’re not the only cities that are getting anxious about their ball club’s slow start either. Fans in Philadelphia were hoping that a once-great pitching staff led by Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee could rebound to carry the Phillies to the playoffs, but that hasn’t materialized thus far. The Dodgers were imagining themselves as the west coast Yankees with a budget to match. So far all that lavish spending has gotten them is 4th place and a struggling Matt Kemp.Even the handful of fans that attend Rays games have to feel a little nervous in the AL East watching their starting nine drop to 1-6 in games started by Cy Young winner David Price.

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Spring Training Battles: Who Wants the Corner Outfield Jobs in Philly?

37b6914f88885a062a0f6a706700fd4aEach year baseball fans everywhere mark a random day in mid-February down on their calendars as one of the best days of the year: the day pitchers and catchers report, aka, the unofficial start of the Major League season. For many players, particularly veterans and All-Stars, Spring Training offers a chance to reconnect with old teammates while meeting new ones and to work the body into shape for the long grind of 162 games. But for many other players, rookies,  guys on the fringe, or the 40-year-old looking for one last shot at glory, the start of spring represents the start of the season. These players are fighting for their big league lives, the last spot on the roster, or maybe even a starting position.

On most days it has to be easy to be Charlie Manuel, the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. As manager in Philadelphia he’s added one World Series ring to his hand to go along with the 5 NL East titles he’s won in 8 seasons. With a trio of perennial Cy Young candidates in the rotation, Manuel hardly has to worry about little things like match-ups and pitch counts because his aces will do the work for him.

But outside of the gaggle of aces fronting the rotation, the Phillies have plenty of questions. Will Chase Utley and Ryan Howard stay healthy? And for that matter can they regain their All-Star forms? Will the bullpen be any better this year? But the most pressing (and in our case the most interesting) question concerns the outfield. Who’s going to play the corners? Charlie Manuel and Philadelphia have a variety of candidates with a wide-range of somewhat limited skills, making this one of the toughest positions to call this spring. Let’s take a look at the candidates:

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