What I’m Excited to See in 2012

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Spring Training can’t get here fast enough. The 2012 season holds so much promise and there are plenty of things that I am looking forward to:

– Seeing Yu Darvish pitch against big league hitters.
– Prince and Cabrera going back-to-back to get Comerica rocking.
– the sheer amount of ineptitude that Prince and Cabrera will bring to the infield.
–  Michael Pineda lighting up the radar in the Bronx.
– an Adam Wainwright curveball, nothing is nastier. And a Stephen Strasburg fastball. Hopefully both return to form this year.
– the Daniel Bard experiment. He hasn’t pitched as a starter ever in the major leagues.
– Albert Pujols vs. King Felix. And hopefully Pujols vs. the Great Mariano.
– who will come out of the NL West? Every team in the division has made the playoffs in the past 6 seasons, the only division with that distinction.
– Ozzie Guillen and Carlos Zambrano in the same dugout in Miami. That could be explosive. As well as Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Heath Bell, and hopefully Josh Johnson which could make the Marlins contenders.
– how hideous the Marlins home run display is. It will be funny every time a Miami player goes yard.
– can Justin Verlander have another remarkable season?
– the 2004 Astros reunion on the 2012 Cardinals. Especially if they sign Oswalt.
– Matt Kemp and his 50-50 quest. Kemp has publicly stated that he believes he can be a 50 homer 50 steal player and may have the talent to do it.
– the New York Yankees outfield, particularly Brett Gardner. No player covers more ground and no outfield turns more batted balls into outs.
– the 3 headed monster that is the top of the Phillies rotation. Holliday, Lee, and Hamels are all Cy Young caliber pitchers.
– the 3 headed monster that is the top of the Angels rotation. Weaver, Haren, and Wilson are all excellent pitchers. Throw in Ervin Santana and Los Angeles, not Philly, has the best top 4 in baseball.
– a healthy Joe Mauer. No player is more fun to watch with a bat in his hands.
– the continued rise of the Kansas City offense. Really young team with a really high ceiling. And Eric Hosmer can already mash.
– James Shields’ old school approach to pitching. He had a back-in-time 11 complete games. Hopefully we will see more of the same in 2012.

Anything else I missed?

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